Granite Ridge Resources is a scaled, non-operated oil and gas exploration and production company with a diverse portfolio of wells and top-tier acreage across the Permian basin and four other prolific unconventional basins across the United States. We are a hybrid oil and gas company and private equity firm, providing the benefits of both organization types.

As a non-operated oil and gas company, Granite Ridge does not drill or operate its own wells. Instead, we operate more like a private equity firm, focusing on increasing asset diversity to reduce risk, while decreasing overhead by investing in smaller portions of a larger number of high-graded wells drilled by proven public and private operators. This approach allows us to avoid long-term contracts, drilling obligations and excessive overhead, and increase capital appreciation by reinvesting cash flow generated from our oil and gas wells. Our goal is to tighten the band of outcomes in oil and gas investing and generate asymmetric upside through diversification.

We believe non-op is a better way to invest in oil and gas. Leveraging our experienced team, scalable, tech-enabled platform, and consolidated portfolio of non-operated assets, Granite Ridge creates exceptional value. Returning capital to shareholders is a core tenet of our business strategy, and we are committed to providing quarterly dividends. A stable company with a fortress balance sheet, we practice disciplined investment with full-cycle returns.

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